Do you rent ATV's or motorcycles?
No, we do not

How old do you have to be to ride there and do my parents need to sign me in?
You can be any age to enter the Hollytree Offroad but you must have the consent forms that we provide
filled out by a legal parent if you are under 18. We do require that they be notarized and we also would like
to have a copy of the parent's insurance card if the minor is not with their parents. Waiver can be found on
Home Page.

What are your hours?
Open at 9am Saturday’s & Sunday’s
Weekdays with advanced noticed.
For Yearly Camping Rates, please contact us.

We realize that everyone is not off work on the weekends. If you want to go riding or camping during
the week, please give us a call at 256.776.9796 at least 1 hour ahead of time, so we can be at the
entrance. Hollytree Off-Road is your 7 days a week play ground.

Do you rent helmets?

Does everyone have to sign in at the office?
Yes, EVERY person who enters the park must come into the office and sign in. This even includes someone
that is not going to ride and is only along to spectate. Even children who come with their parents must sign
in. If you are over 18 you need to present a valid photo id.

Do I need insurance to ride at the park?
We don't require insurance to ride at our park but you would be wise to consider it for your own protection.
You are as responsible here, as if you were driving on the road, and hit someone.

I have a stock vehicle, are there places in the park for me to ride?
The park has trails for all levels of 4-wheeling, from very easy to very hard. A stock vehicle will have plenty
of areas to ride.

Do you have very easy areas for someone who is learning to ride a four wheeler or ATV?
Yes, there are areas where a beginner can practice and learn to ride their vehicle or ATV.

Do you have to have stock exhaust?
No, but we encourage the use of spark arrestors.