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The following rules are to be acknowledged and respected by everyone at Hollytree Off-Road Park.

 !!! By signing a release of liability or waiver, you understand and have agreed to all of these rules!!!

No one under the age of 18 is allowed to check-in without a parent or proof of legal guardianship. You cannot check in someone else’s child, including a stepparent, without notarized consent forms, Waiver and Medical info. Forms are available at the Hollytree Off-Road office, or on the Home Page click on Waiver.

1. All participants (driver/rider/passenger) must fill out a current waiver and check in at the registration office upon arrival.

2. All minors (driver/rider/passengers) must bring signed, notarized minor forms with them if not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

3. Seatbelt’s must be worn at all times while driving on Hollytree Off-Road grounds. Infants and children must be restrained in an appropriate child safety seat.

4. No illegal drugs are allowed on Hollytree Off-Road property. No person may be under the influence of drugs or any substances that may hinder thinking ability or reaction time.

5. All SUV’s must have the following: proper roll-over protection (i.e. roll bar, roof) to include the passengers, battery tie down (no bungee cords), seatbelt’s for everyone in the vehicle & tow point(s). Speed limit for everyone is 15 mph in the parking areas and on all main and two way roads. All vehicles/machines must be in control at all times.

6. Parking lot is for parking. No tricks or horseplay. Please do not cause commotion or damage to other vehicles. You will be held responsible!

7. All trails are 2-way use.

8. Please tread lightly. Please use tree saver straps, the correct size tree, etc. No one is allowed to cut down a tree, for any reason.

9. No disorderly conduct; No littering. If your machine is questionable please call the Hollytree Off-Road office @ 256-776-9796.

10. Wrist bands will be worn at all times.

11. Camp fires permitted except when Fire Ban is in place.


Hollytree Off-Road is not required nor should be expected to recover, repair or escort non-emergencies out of the Park. Please have a way to get yourself out of the Park if you are broken. Hollytree Off-Road staff, if able to do so, will do their best to offer assistance. There is a fee for recovery.

EVERYONE MUST RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF OTHER USERS SO THEY MIGHT ENJOY ACTIVITIES UNDISTURBED. DRIVE RESPONSIBLY TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT AND PRESERVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ENJOY YOUR VEHICLE/MACHINE ON THIS LAND!  THESE RULES ARE TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY. Participants that disregard the rules of The Hollytree Off-Road, or pose a safety threat to themselves or other will, at a minimum, be ejected from the Park without a refund and may be suspended from future visits to The Hollytree Off-Road Park.

 NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 is permitted to check-in with out a parent or proof of legal guardianship. You cannot check in someone else's child, without Notarized Consent forms, Liability Waiver, and Medical Info. Forms are available here at the Hollytree Off-Road office.                                                 
                         ~Please keep park clean. You Litter……You Leave!~